Dean Properties LLC 

We are a small locally owned family business. Our tenants are our highest priority!

Do’s & Don’t (Helpful information)

  • Do-Be considerate and courteous to your neighbors
  • Do-Grill in the parking lot near your garage
  • Do-Clean up after your pets! (Every time)
  • Do-Keep decks and patio areas clean and tidy


  • Don’t-Drive or park vehicles on sidewalks (this can cause serious damage to the concrete)
  • Don’t-Park on sidewalk ramps from parking area
  • Don’t-Use grills, smokers etc. near the buildings (It’s a fire hazard)
  • Don’t-Mount televisions to the walls
  • Don’t-Mount anything to cabinets or doors. This includes 3M sticky tape or adhesives
  • Don’t-Use gummy or jelly type decorations on exterior doors. (They stain the finish)
  • Don’t -Allow pets to do their duty on decks
  • Don’t-Make any alterations or paint 
  • Don’t-Store garbage on patios or decks 
  • Don’t-Litter anywhere on our property we have dumpsters (this includes cigarette butts)